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Pazdesign Gore-Tex the Perfection III ZGR-109

  • s20130328s03

MATERIAL: Nylon100% Gore-Tex Faburikusu (GoreMicro grid backer Technology adoption)

Pazdesign Body warmer pocketTN5 Finger GlobeII PGV-022

  • g20150924g05

Pocket to put mobile Cairo to instep inside.
Material: back side: Titaniumα1mm, palm side: New Power Grip0.7mm

※Has become a smaller...

Pazdesign Sensor Touch GlobeII 5Finger PGV-027

  • g20150923g10

Use New Power Grip of 0.2mm to palm.
It can be delicate fishing sensitivity and fit!!
※ Has become a smaller Size in order to enhance a sense of fi...