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YGK(Yoz-Ami) Nasuly N-waker Dread Line 4go (16lb)-7go (30lb) 75m

  • g20141030g27

The highest quality high-quality Line to be sent to the Expert Angler.
By F1Fluorocarbon yarn that carefully selected, high sensitivity required for Flu...

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YGK(Yoz-Ami) Nasuly N-waker Fluorocarbon 0.8go (3lb)-6go (25lb) 91m(100yds)

  • g20141030g21

Fast moving Fishing destiny to use the Finesse Fishing and 10lb-14lb class that requires a fine Line of 3lb class "LineTrouble".
Realize the flexibility remi...

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YGK(Yoz-Ami) NITLON PE Coverstage 2go (30lb)-4go (50lb) 70m

  • g20141030g28

Mugwort Green 1m every 15cm white mark
70m one piece of article N775
Hard Spool

Material: Dyneema(4braids)
Specific gravity: 0.98